Drishya Uniyal


I am a dedicated individual on an academic journey of self-discovery. My educational path began at St. Ann’s Convent School. I am a B.Tech medalist in Computer Science, specializing in Big Data Analytics (CSBDA) from Graphic Era Deemed to be University. Building on this foundation, I pursued a Master’s in Computer Science and Engineering at IIIT Delhi, where I’m currently deeply engaged in a Ph.D. program focused on Federated Learning. In my research, I have worked extensively on structured hyperparameter tuning, particularly in text-based NLP applications. I’ve been involved in exploring and enhancing FedProx, which can be viewed as a generalization and re-parametrization of FedAvg, the current state-of-the-art method for federated learning. My academic interests and contributions extend to optimizing federated learning approaches, experimenting with new optimizers, and conducting comprehensive comparisons. I’m committed to expanding my knowledge and contributing to education, technology, and social awareness, all while pushing the boundaries of federated learning research. Beyond academics, I’m passionate about travel, which broadens my horizons, and I channel my creativity into digital content creation. In essence, I’m a statistics enthusiast driven by the pursuit of knowledge and the desire to impact education, technology, and social awareness positively.